Innovapack Core values​​:

【INTEGRITY】Loyalty and responsibility; Promises must be kept and action must be resolute.
【INNOVATION】Thinking will never stop; courage to try, dare to break.
【COOPERATION】Respect and trust; help others, their achievements.
【DEVELOPING】To learn, grow and share.

Innovapack corporate culture:

【THANKSGIVING】Thanks the people who help you.
【LOYALTY】 Loyalty to the company; instead of loyalty to individuals.are loyal to their own positions of   responsibility for the results.

Salary values:

 ※ We adhere to salaried positions, pay-for capacity, the concept of pay-for results.
 ※ We adhere to a scientific and reasonable remuneration system and maintain the level of employee payroll ranks the industry a      reasonable position.

Team building:Team five elements

 ※ A common goal
 ※ Willingness of collaboration
 ※ This sharing of information
 ※ Not the person
 ※ Respect for individuality

The company advocates:

 ※ Work must have three hearts:Attentive, patient, responsible
 ※ Team to have three forces: Centripetal force, innovation, execution
 ※ Doing things to be three dare:The courage to speak the truth, the courage to face the problem, and the courage to take responsibility
 ※ Innovation three no:Do not say impossible, do not give up easily, do not one way to go black
 ※ Courage to take responsibility, and the courage to admit mistakes
 ※ Any problem stops here
 ※ Colleagues are My teacher

Advocating human environment:

 ※ Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships
 ※ The loyalty Thanksgiving code of conduct
 ※ Competitive and aggressive attitude towards life
 ※ A concerted team spirit

Modern management thinking oriented:

 ※ Speed ​​is more important than perfection
 ※ Victory is more important than the fair
 ※ Result is more important than reason
 ※ Quality creates brand determines the height of the height of the customer.

Company against:

 ※ Parochialism.
 ※ Intersectoral recriminations.
 ※ Work left to their own superiors.
 ※ Not work, like the work of others to give lessons on their own core business.
 ※ Fraud.
 ※ To meet other people with no principles.
 ※ Shirk responsibility, can not afford to
 ※ Only complaining about not mentioning specific views and measures
 ※ Watching others make mistakes and not be stopped

Our goal:

 ※ Give full play to the Group's advantages, tap the potential of the individual, the new hit caused one has its own characteristics      standardized enterprise Hop Fat!
 ※ Our definition of standardized management: data + standardization + humane communication + good working atmosphere (not a nice      guy)