In personnel training, the company created a unique training system. Talent training program from the new employee training, pre-job training, on-the-job training, covers the business skills, communication skills and management skills training for new employees of the company, with high professional ability, a large number of production, technology and management talent reserves, staff knowledge, skills, management ability and constantly update and improve to provide the guarantee, but also for staff development to lay a good foundation.

New employee training

    New employee training is a newly employed workers must receive training. The content is the company regulations, promotion system, safe operation. If it is a fresh university graduates, wants to work, must first in the enterprise on a week's training, on-the-job training tutorial system. During the training, students must accept the double-track Education: working while learning theory and related knowledge. Thus, students can not only learn the basic skills in the factory and technology, but also with the tutor by the relevant basic knowledge education.

Pre-job training

    By the Department Director at the new employee two weeks to complete the job training, arrange the job of professional skill training.

On-the-job training ( including internal training and external training )

    Internal training: the company according to the needs of the work, for all organizational skills, knowledge and training. The personnel administration department monthly " monthly training plan ", and supervise the execution of training. The training department speakers need to fill out " " training record, training staff are required to sign " training attendance list ".
    Field training: according to the company business needs and employee performance excellent staff to participate in the training institutions for training. Staff attended training institutions held a variety of training, after returning a company will learn content to pass to other colleagues; or invitation training institutions for the company to do special training.