Luo: Joint Universities to create "a new co-fat ban

Published:2013/1/25 14:45:50 Source:Innovapack

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Luo Bin, general manager of Hop Fat Plastic Printing Co., Ltd., Jinjiang City. Former ALCAN PACKAGING (Fortune 500 companies) personal care packaging division general manager, has 13 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry. 2009 New Hop Fat, foreign-funded enterprises advanced management concepts and models into the new Hop Fat from family management enterprise into a modern enterprise has advanced management mode, the company sales annually to maintain more than 30% high growth.
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November 25, 2011, the new Hop Fat Training School of Management the first sales of the elite the Gifted classes start, the School of Management is part of the new set of personnel training system Hop Fat. It is reported that the new personnel training strategy Hop Fat from Luo added in 2009, the introduction of advanced management mode of foreign-funded enterprises began from the school-enterprise cooperation, expatriate closed training, online training Business School, Corporate Training, Outward Bound and other link training the staff of all aspects of quality of vocational skills, and management capabilities. After nearly three years of accumulation, the Company personnel training package system matures, a variety of personnel training projects from scratch, from the simple to the sound from extensive to more programs and systems, Luo Bin, plays an irreplaceable role .
According to reports, the school-enterprise cooperation is The New Hop Fat personnel training and recruitment of staff is a very important channel were Jingchu University of Technology, Hubei, Jiangxi the News Publishing Vocational and Technical College, the University of Kaifeng, Henan, Shaanxi Printing Technology Institute hundred and fifty of The University signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement. Set up a new co-fat ban, universities and companies from time to time on the the new Hop Fat ", the students of various printing and packaging expertise, career planning and team awareness training internship before graduation, students are assigned to New Hop Fat production base in Jinjiang, Xiamen and Jiaxing posts and training to enable students to advance to change the role of the students to become social, business people, professional people.
Held in the universities 'new co-fat ban' is also very beneficial for the publicity of enterprises; schools, Vocational and Technical College in a school teaching and practice teaching mode innovation. "Luo said, each partner institutions This is also very affirmation and support!
Hop Fat According to Luo introduce new staff stability is very good, the average annual staff turnover rate in less than 4.5%, in the printing and packaging manufacturing industry Jinjiang such employment environment is very difficult to get the company to maintain such a low movement of persons, in addition to a comprehensive salary and benefits, all aspects of standardized management systems and processes, and a good working atmosphere and humane management is also a critical factor.
The new Hop Fat and domestic renowned management training institutions --- the Summit Business Administration Group co-management personnel training plan for 2012 has been developed well, is to further strengthen cooperation clustered into Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.. "The former focuses on management practice, which focuses philosophy, systems and processes." Luo said.
"The competitiveness of enterprises lies in the talent competition, talent competition that learning ability and the speed of the competition, the team's ability to learn and speed is the core competitiveness of enterprises." Luo said that the new co-Fat is a pressure to be more motivated to learn type organization, the use of learning management, in order to create elite team, reserve personnel, in order to adapt to the rapid development of enterprises.

News comes from (the Jinjiang News)