Innova packing organizing a singing contest

Published:2013/1/25 15:11:55 Source:Innovapack

The Jinjiang News May 30 NewsRecently
The reporter learned from the new co-Fa Plastic Co., Ltd., Jinjiang City, the company has a "Passion, sing the new Hop Fat" singing contest held last Saturday.It is reported that the new singing contest Hop Fat (Jinjiang) of more than 100 employees in all departments to participate in, the game is divided into 8 groups, the ultimate office won the first prize, supply chain and accessories department won second prize."Activities like this, the company will continue to continue to organize. Rehearsal for some time before the game, the employees, the employees in the rehearsal process full exchanges and the establishment of friendship is the significance of the event. Friendship first , another purpose of the game. activities to enrich their leisure life in Xinhe hair not only work, but also entertaining. "said the company's deputy general manager Wang Qingming.Wang Qingming told reporters that the company this year opened a journey of cooperation with foreign enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises in the company's production safety, very valued employees humane care, at the same time, enterprises in the development of all aspects of treatment are also employees is rising, and therefore the building of enterprise culture is the current focus of the work of one of the new Development Corporation, Human Resources Department
reporter Zeng Xiaofeng
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