Innova packing carry the military training of the new employees

Published:2013/1/25 15:30:49 Source:Innovapack

Jinjiang News Network, February 29 (Reporter Zeng Xiaofeng) A few days ago, reporters from Jinjiang City Hop Fat Plastic Printing Co., Ltd. has learned that the company on February 25 -26 in Anhai Founding primary school, for new employees, afield two-day military training.
It is reported that the training of 51 new employees and a dozen managers. According to reports, the team consisting of representatives from the management staff of military training performances, and launched a new staff team of military training performance the PK tournament enhance the morale of the training. After training, participants grouped combined school the day of the game, Summary, and sharing.
In addition to military training, the company has also arranged for the "5S training new employees on-site management requirements, and arrange a meeting with the management of the communication will share the history of the development of the company's.

News comes from (the Jinjiang News)