Of plastic printing organized by the year-end banquet Dinner

Published:2013/1/25 15:34:36 Source:Innovapack

The Jinjiang News Network (Reporter Zeng Xiaofeng) January 15, Jinjiang City Hop Fat Plastic Printing Co., Ltd. held a the end banquet Gala theme of "Thanksgiving". The chairman of the company, Mr Chen Si red, thanked the staff for their hard work, summed up the results of last year, and this year's outlook.
It is reported that a total of 24 employees in the Party commended and commended awards were "excellent staff" "outstanding cadres", the excellent new employees, "five-year length of service award", "ten years seniority Award" and the "contribution Award. "In addition to the recognition of advanced, computers, washing machines, rice cookers, watches and other prizes, the evening for employees extraction Awards.
"We have a family of his own, and his parents, working in the company since the company was founded, it has been more than a decade, the chairman of the board 'Contribution Award' awarded to them personally." The company official said. the company places great importance on the employees length of service award is annually would have this year's "contribution Award" it is stated that the company's emphasis on older employees.
Another hearing before the wheat root Garments Co., Ltd. (MXN) also held a "Thanksgiving" as the theme of the year-end banquet Gala, a total of more than 300 people in more than 200 suppliers and headquarters office staff participants.
It is reported that a total of more than a dozen employees in the company by the recognition awards are excellent staff, outstanding executives "," Premium troupe, "" privileged employees "and" privileged executives. In addition to the recognition of the employees, there are dozens of awards banquet extraction, Iphone4, LCD TVs, washing machines and other prizes.

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